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How Long Does A Mortgage PreApproval Last

Taking the first step toward homeownership can be exhilarating, and obtaining a mortgage preapproval is a significant milestone in this journey. This crucial step gives you a sense of how much you can borrow, making it easier to budget and plan. But how long does mortgage preapproval last? With Priority 1 Lending, we’ll delve into […]

How To Budget For A House

When you’re getting ready to embark on the homebuying journey, one of the first and most critical steps to take is crafting a solid budget. It is a crucial factor that will help determine what you can afford and influence nearly every aspect of the home buying process. At Priority 1 Lending, we’re dedicated to […]

Rent Like You Own It

If you’re currently renting, you may be wondering how to make your rented property feel more like your own. At Priority 1 Lending, we believe that everyone deserves a space that feels like home. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to bring a personal touch to your rental, while also preparing you for future […]

How Much Does A Condo Cost In 2023

Considering purchasing a condo? This choice can offer a fantastic lifestyle for the right person, often providing excellent amenities and less maintenance. At Priority 1 Lending, we’re here to break down the potential costs associated with owning a condo. Understanding the Cost of Owning a Condo Owning a condo involves more than just the purchase […]