The Lowdown on Foreign National Loan...


What Is A Foreign National Mortgage Loan?

A Foreign National mortgage loan, also known as a foreign national loan or non-permanent resident alien loan helps non-residents of the United States purchase real estate here in the United States. The foreign national program includes primary residences and/or vacation properties available to those who classify as resident aliens, achieve temporary status or permanent status, and typically have different requirements and interest rates than a standard Fannie Mae or FHA loan.

Do Foreign National Mortgage Loans Have Different Requirements?

Yes, the Foreign National mortgage guidelines and requirements are different. A foreign national must live and work outside the U.S. and cannot reside in the U.S. A few additional requirements for the foreign national mortgage loan is that the maximum LTV IS 70%, 12 months reserves are required, 30-year fixed mortgage only, loan amounts up to $1,500,000 with a minimum of $75,000 offered and seller concessions are up to 3% only. ACH is required from a FDIC Bank for a monthly mortgage payment.


Our Foreign National product offers borrowers who live outside the United States flexibility when purchasing or refinancing. This loan falls under our debt service coverage ratio product which means qualification is based on cash flow of the property instead of income. Our Foreign National loan is easy to do and quick to close for those who are eligible.

Do Foreign National Loans Require A Higher Down Payment?

Yes, it is possible that a larger down payment is required for a Foreign National loan, but the percentage will vary depending on the borrower's specific financial circumstances. Contact an account executive at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions to determine the LTV requirement.

  • Maximum LTV of 70%
  • Maximum LTV of 65% for cash out
  • Loan amounts up to $1.5 million, minimum loan amount of $75,000
  • A DSCR program with a 1:1 ratio on cash flow
  • Assets sourced and seasoned for 60 days - must be in a U.S. FDIC insured bank for a minimum of 30 days
  • 12 months reserves required and must be in a U.S. bank
  • ACH auto-payment is required and form must be completed at closing
  • No sanction listed countries allowed and will not lend in Osceola County
  • Cannot reside in the United States
  • Must have an eligible Visa: B-1, B-2, H-2, H-3, I, J-1, J-2, O-2, P1, P2